The young passenger

The harsh sun is disseminating through the summer air. A wave of red and blue goes by and all the dust from the road flies up. Everything in the periphery is nebulous, one cannot make out anything. As the dust settles, a banyan tree is seen. Its large, leathery, glossy, green leaves flutter in the sudden gust of wind and then eventually settle. The long prop roots dangling from the branches of the tree, some in the ground, growing into another. Under the tree can be seen an old man in a white loin cloth and a tattered kurta. The kurta seemingly white but the remnant yellow patches show something else. A fly comes and sits on his face, moving closer to the nose and finally resting on his lips. The man’s hand comes swiftly charging to swat the fly. He lays there for a while and again a fly comes and sits this time on the ear, it gently moves to the inner ear and again the man tries to swat the fly. Then as this continues for a while, a rickshaw can be seen in the distance. The rickshaw comes and halts at his side, a passenger gets out of it. The passenger, a young man of 30s goes and asks the old man: “Do you know the way to local market?”
The old man, stirs a little but doesn’t reply. He just stares into the distance.
The passenger asks again and gets the same reply. Again the fly comes and sits on the man and he tries to swat it, but his hand is slower this time. He just waves his hand in front of his face.
The passenger sits down beside the man. He again tries to converse and asks, “Is there any water with you? I am parched.”
The old man is still just sitting and staring while two cows pass them on the road.
The passenger looks around, sees a pot and goes to it but finds it empty. He sits down near the old man who just raises a feeble finger.
He starts speaking, “Such a nice shade isn’t it? Well you won’t understand as you are sitting here. Have you moved since the morning? Or have you been sitting here since days? Looks like it anyways. Anyway what does it matter to you, we young people toil away and you sit here doing nothing, no wonder the nation doesn’t move forward. The young people look after people like you. We give you money when you don’t even provide anything. Do you know how much work it takes? Do you know the conditions in which we work? Well the work life not being enough, my girlfriend keeps on nagging to buy new things. She also works and yet all our money is gone in shopping. But still we pay the taxes and you all get free food. We get education and still what do we get for free? Nothing. Are you even educated? Do you even know how the society works?” He laughs mockingly and says, “Well you won’t know anything anyway. You cannot even rise up, I guess. Well, I will be off. I have work to do, you know for who!”
The passenger walks away, a fly comes and sits on the old man’s cheek. It slowly walks towards his eyes, of which one is closed and another is half closed. The fly reaches near the eye and goes into the half open eye. No hand comes to swat this time as the eye closes.

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