What is the ugliest of them all?

That day everyone had worn white. I have never known why people wear white whenever there is a death in a family; the colour doesn’t depict the melancholy that surrounds it. It is at that time that I see people in their skins, some saggy by dejection and some by mere practice. I have seen it all. The facade that people create for the society is more hideous than the brute way of wild animals.

But that day was the one that changed the lives of many people. As to my life, it also changed in a while, as the father soon married another lady and soon the house was also changed. The father and the son lived with the new mother and the new daughter, their lives now intricately woven, like a spider’s web. I have seen it all and for that, it seems a trap but otherwise it was just an old marriage held in high manner as a thing of great consequence in a society driven with superstitions and old religious beliefs. I, myself, am quite old but I do believe that I have changed with time. The family lived for a while in ignorant bliss as the wife did all the ordered jobs. Soon the jobs got sloppy for the father and son and they soon started meting out punishments. It started with banishing outdoor activities to depravation of food and then water. Soon started the physical abuse, the mother was often seen coming out of bathroom coughing blood, going to the market with black eyes, her arms and body having marks of beaten by a belt or a pipe. One day, I saw blood dripping from her elbow, it was hit by her son as she hadn’t prepared his breakfast in time. Well patriarchy sure seemed a stronghold over there, I sure wished that the lady could beat up that boy till his butt was black and blue. But I am afraid this is a society where a woman may be belittled but cannot have the power to reason. The mother soon had enough and in a fit, she ran away from the house when the fight had escalated and the dish had gashed her in the forehead. She went to her native land, never to return; but what she forgot was her daughter under whose name the house was. Now with her gone the house will go to the girl. The son, in his depraved state and no one to control him, thought to take matters in his own hands, thinking that the elimination was important for the survival of the son and the father. As the days wore on, the son started getting more and more irritated. Then one day as the father went to a different city for some work, the boy took his chance. He lured the 9 year old girl into the room. That is the day I wish I had a white cloth on me. This manner of death was something I hadn’t yet seen and had never wished to see. But afterall, I am just a dusty old mirror, reflecting a blurry image of humanity.

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