I am running to school again, the rain made it hard to move swiftly and not fall. This blasted rain has made me late again and now I will have to wait in the office before being let in. The whole building is shrouded, not an inch of it is visible and I can see nobody, neither a teacher nor a student. This is weird, the school is always open.

The security guard is also not here, I wonder what has happened. The school lobby is also empty; it looks very serene, very calm not the usual bustling and cruel world it is. The receptionist is staring at me, I wonder why. I haven’t done anything wrong, I have been attending the classes regularly, I haven’t stolen anybody’s lunch and nor have I had a go at other students. This is ridiculous. What am I doing in the school now? I should leave.

“Hey, You! The principal wants to see you in the office. You are not supposed to be here, now you must face the consequences.”

“Alright. Sorry, madam.” I manage a soft reply.

I go to the principal’s office and see that the desk is full of papers and files. I stand there as I dare not sit, excited to be called to principal’s office. The principal barges in like a hurricane, his hair all tossed over and his moustache out of proportion. His gleaming eyes scan me, the body moves frivolously and stops only when it sits.

With a sudden jerk of his head, he turns to me and says, “So dear, what are you doing here? Didn’t you get the message that the school is closed today?”

“No, sir. My master didn’t tell me anything about it. I guess the message must have been forgotten. What happened?”

“Well due to a lightning strike, which is a very dangerous thing as it makes a lot of noise, the nuclear plant got hit. This has made the whole area radioactive and the area has been quarantined.” He said, carefully placing his glasses at the edge of the table.

“Oh well. I didn’t know about that. Well if this area is supposed to be dangerous then why are you here? Shouldn’t you be away someplace safe?”, I say, peering at the documents laid out before me.

“Well my dear, this school does more than just teach. We are here to build a better future, so we must sustain and be available always.”

“Well without students, what future are you building? The school seems like a shack with some mysterious things going around.”, I say this very, very carefully.

The principal glares at me, the look suggesting that he is judging whether I am a good boy or not. With a careful glance at either side, he leans in and very carefully and softly says, “You look like a good boy and you look reasonably smart. So let me speak the truth. We are not just a school, my dear, but a secret organisation who is working on developing cutting edge technology and the teachers are all agents.”

I get very excited with the idea. “We have developed some technology”, the principal continues, “that can eradicate poverty so that no comrade has to ever go hungry again. We surely don’t want that to fall into the wrong hands. It may lead to disaster. The group called Felinus is always after our technology. But you seem like a good young candidate. I will show you around.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening to me after all. I just wanted to run and run, for this was the best thing happening to me. I could be part of a secret organisation, I would be an agent. That would be so cool. I fervently and vigorously nod my head. I suddenly am feeling an itch on my back, a very itchy itch. I want to scratch it so bad, but I can’t reach it. Uh-oh! My whole body is shaking now, this isn’t good for the whole secret organisation thing. I won’t even qualify, I have to stop this motion.

“Come on, Roger. Wake up! Come on! You have slept all day… Such a lazy log! Now who’s a good boy huh? Who’s a good boy?”

I wake up with a yelp, ready to accompany my master to school again.

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