A farewell

Farewells have always been dreaded by people the most. Farewells show people that somethings end, even if they are good, to begin something else. Farewell depicts change. The ever constant change. There are somethings in your time here that you love more than your own life. But for that to remain in your life forever is too much to ask for. It is something every person has to go through. For a mother it’s her child growing up, for a lover it is the time that ultimately ends for them, for a child it is her play time that just got over. Change big or small, always effects people. Small changes make people sad, while the bigger ones take one of the parts, grinds them to dust and moulds it into something else. The biggest change in life is when you have to leave your comfort zone, leave your family, for something you consider bigger for yourself. Here in India, it also depends on the societal pressures. Examples of Indian society are a boy leaving town for studies or job, or a girl leaving her home to her married home, a divorced parent bidding the kids a farewell. Till the time of leaving you don’t value anything. It’s when you leave it behind that you get to know the value of it. Saying good byes is just a way to console yourself of the future, of what you are leaving behind. I have a moment of reflection every time I leave home. Do I really need to do this? Do I really need to leave everything behind? I get up in the morning with mom fussing about me. Food all packed, ready to go. I get up on the vehicle and turn to say goodbye. The surroundings have turned to a red hue because of the rays emitting from the tail light. The red light encompassing Mom’s face, arm waving, a smile on her face. But the eyes tell differently. Red light shining through the eyes, I see sadness. Sitting behind my dad, I watch the roads take a turn, leading me to the place where I need to go. A temple comes in between, the aarti is going on. The road brightens up with sound and light. Bells tolling, emitting a radiant and powerful light. It gradually recedes away. Standing in the train, Dad standing outside giving notes on how to survive, I see the same shine I had seen in Mom’s eyes. The train whistles and begins to move. I see my dad standing on the platform, a hand raised to bid farewell. The image stays there, not moving, while it gets smaller and smaller. The platform of my home place gently cedes back with dad standing on the platform, waving, the city passing by. The lack of a guarantee that I will see those things back just the same way it was, the people just the same way it was makes me despair. There are a lot more definite examples to farewells, but even hearing them makes us sad. The thing is farewells are hard for everyone. People hate change. No matter what when they have to come out of their comfort zone, they start finding it uneasy. And the longing for that increases. For the situation, for the people close to us. It is never easy for the either of us. I don’t know how to say good bye to people who I love, to the places I fall in love with. I don’t know a painless way to do it, don’t know the words to capture a heart so full and a longing so intense. But the thing is there is no comfort in farewell. It is a word that is so full of sorrow that just saying that word brings back emotions long suppressed. It is a word that promises absolutely nothing. 1

I recently traveled to a place with one of my friends. We went there on a road trip, about 40 kms away from where we live. The way was filled with trees and canopies, sunlight filtering in at places, flashing us with warmth. We reached our destination. Not much of a place, but calm. It had this river flowing through it and the water was just knee deep in some places. We waded through the water slipping here and there, smiles on our faces running wide. We went and sat at a place, not worrying for a thing in the world. When we started coming back, we got these boards that city is coming soon. As soon as I saw those, my heart fell a little. Soon the journey would be over and soon we will just be sitting in a house not going through canopies. My friend started lamenting this fact. That’s when I came to know that this was not something that I felt, but everybody felt the same thing. Farewells are always sad. But the world is a scene of constant farewells, the hands that grasp in meeting today, are doomed to unite for the last time when the quivering lips utter the word- Farewell. But as Winnie the Pooh says, ” How lucky I am to have something that makes saying Goodbye so hard.”


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