The Fantasy Parade Called Love

People have a pretty well conceived idea about the word that means so much to every human being, Love. They all have deliberated about what they want and how their love should be. Everybody dreams about the perfect love they will have and how they are going to live it. The dream that the movies and books have etched in our minds. Yes, having such a conception is good and this varies from person to person. Some people don’t want much while some think of enveloping their whole life in this love. Even though I am going to write about it, it’s only going to be my view of how love should be. It doesn’t have any universal definition which one can refer to. If you go look in a dictionary, it shows us that love is strong affection, concern or sexual desires towards a person. But this doesn’t even cover 50% of its meaning. It’s something which doesn’t mean anything, but is felt by every living thing in one form or another. It’s a sentiment which inculcates mostly all human emotions. Love doesn’t need a push, it just happens. And it stays, yes, it stays. Even though it has been so beautifully described in every possible art, today the meaning of it seems lost. The couples of this generation behave callously and even their ‘problems’ on which they so vehemently fight are such small matters that even an argument on it is to be found completely farcical. This so called ‘problem’ trumps this ‘love’ that they have cultivated for each other in the long time span of 6-8 months. It doesn’t work like that. Like everything in this world, being in a relationship is not easy. Love is not about not having any problems, it is about having a problem and solving it together. Love is being comfortable with a person that your quirks are not a problem but a secret joke you share.


Slowly, people are forgetting the concept of love and are just looking forward to be just in a relationship for the sake of having a relationship. Gone are the times when a man used to go after a girl, trying to fix a date and just converse. Conversations are so important. Even though love at first sight happen, I find it hard to believe. Without a proper conversation with a person, how is it possible to fall in love? Love at first sight is like loving just the outer beauty but what if the inner part is as dark as night? Would you still be able to love that person? When people converse one falls for the voice, their thoughts, their aspirations and the tiny quirks they have while they are speaking. The tilt of the head when one speaks about something that is close to their heart. You see their mannerisms and fall for that, not just the outer beauty they hold. our generation has lost the value of romance, the value of trust, the value of conversation. Sadly, small talk is the new deep. Outer beauty is just for the eyes while the inner beauty is for the soul. Beauty, itself, is a pretty ambiguous term. As it is said, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’.


A friend of mine believes that a man should woo her, not the way boys, or should I call them men, do now. She is right. Chivalry is dead nowadays. There was a time when men would do extraordinary things for love. Men have gone and written poetry, novels, have created literature as a medium to praise the one they love. Now, there are people pretending to be in love while they break up on things that are utterly preposterous. Nowadays even men have become such cowards, that they don’t have the courage to admit their ‘love’ face to face. And women have reached such lows that they don’t have a problem with that. Women are ready to abandon their dream of a perfect love for a handsome boy who asked them out in a message on a social network. People have stopped adjusting now. Two people cannot talk to each other and sort the problem but will tear the relation apart to get what they feel is right. The egos of today’s generation have become so bloated that it doesn’t wait to see whether the person speaking is right and will condescend everyone who opposes them. Better are the couples that are old. Their eyes show love that has been tested by time and still remains. I sometimes happen to glance and see my parents sharing a look, their eyes still twinkling and sparkling with love. The small mistakes made by father which makes my mother laugh so much. When one sees this, one forgets the harshness the world offers, lays back and thinks of sharing such a bond with some person.


So, love cannot be defined in any way. It’s a feeling when running through your veins, you will perceive it. This generation needs to look at the time when love was a river running through the people’s mind unlike the lust that runs right now. Men need to learn to be chivalrous. Even if not all the way men used to be, but at least in a way that shows as well as commands respect. Women need to appreciate themselves, not let themselves be toyed around by men and maintain self-respect. They should not let any scum bag let them treat the way they do. Because love is the only thing that binds us all. After all it is the only thing we all want in this world. Not money, not fame but someone who is also looking for us. Is there any greater purpose than to love and to be loved?

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