Lead The Change

One day, as I was sitting with my relatives, one of them told us about how they particularly took pride in their son settling and getting work in U.K. This made me think of the mind-set of the Indian society where being in their own society is considered decadent, while you can go and work under the ones whom India was in a colonial rule. To work with the “Goras” is still considered to be an achievement among the people of a society which had fought so hard to attain freedom. The next generation of the country doesn’t want to do anything for the country they are living in. As I talked with one of my friends, she said that she doesn’t like the mind-set of Indian society. She says it’s patriarchal and women don’t get respect in India. That is why she is going to leave the country, first chance she gets. Another friend I spoke to is a person who hates the capitalistic and imperialistic approach to living but also doesn’t support the communist views. But surprisingly he also wants to leave the country at any chance he gets. Every other person I talked to, gave the same reply. So this is the youth of India. These open minded people instead of thinking about changing the society, patriarchy and poverty think about abandoning the country. They talk about narrow-mindedness and the politics affecting normal people but don’t care to think that once they leave, the ones remaining will be the illiterate or even literate sons of politicians and power trying to exploit the general public. Literacy or money doesn’t have anything to do with this but common sense and humanity does. The rapaciousness and self-centredness of the public as well as the politicians are hindering the development of our nation.



But the youth of India has given up hope. They think that no one can change the views of these people and that in politics the people with power and money are only going to win. But they are elected by us only. No one else is doing it for us. We can’t just keep on blaming others for the mistakes that we do. I am not saying that one should stand in elections and bring changes. But even simple things such as helping out in slums, teaching some children not just maths and science but the common sense that we carry with us will help in building a better future. These small things may not matter right now but on a larger scale, it may just work out. If we look at other countries, they took time with development. In USA, women didn’t just get equality, they fought for it. They changed their mind-sets about women and turned away racism. Still USA is the country listed with highest number of rape cases. This is followed by a very much developed country, Sweden and they are trying to curb it. Even USA has approximately 13% of its population in poverty which is about 42 million people. So if developed countries are still in this way then how can you expect a country like India to be better than them without even trying to abolish the superstitions and narrow-mindedness that is a hindrance to the development needed?


But the open minded youth don’t want to change anything but wants change to come in a sweeping manner in Auto pilot mode. But to have change an initiator is mandatory. M. Gandhi initiated the non-violent freedom struggle while Bhagat Singh gave voice to extremist views. Gandhi and Bhagat started these movements when the country needed it the most. The influence of Bhagat Singh is not to be underestimated and his death had created a massive uproar only to be quenched by the freedom for which he had been fighting so hard. If there is an initiator there are bound to be followers of everything. From a cow to Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, followers will be there. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian get publicity for doing basic things. They have a whole show just showing their day to day lives. If such trivial and brainless people and their work get so much attention, then people shouldn’t lose hope. So, if the cause is good and the initiator has power to influence people then only change is bound to happen. But the problem is that no one wants to get their hands dirty and those who do are ridiculed publicly until they have to apologise for their behaviour. The celebrities of India are given more importance than the politicians who are going to serve the public. To get a glance of a hand rising from the celebrity’s home, people travel from faraway places. Even then, celebrities aren’t allowed to speak out their mind as that is then considered anti national or even against the general sentiments of the ruling mass. Youth of India should sit and reflect that why other countries finished developing while India is still lacking? It is not like that only their governments works hard. With only the support of their people has their country developed. While the younger generation of India is perfectly happy to go abroad and find a life there as that country is already perfectly moulded from the view point of their mind. India is country steeped in superstitions and religious beliefs. A person’s life may be threatened if he/she just spoke a God’s name differently. Even if a temple is constructed illegally, it cannot be destroyed and people brandishing rods will come chanting the respective God’s name. This type of narrow mindedness is enchaining India from the development that is needed. Mediums for awareness are many but people acting on it are very less. Even our news channels show the marriage of a celebrity for a whole day while the actual news remains to be covered. Everything is swept under the rugs, not to be seen by light of the day. Our youth is the only way the country can and will develop. The idea of living in the luxuries of another country is indeed fantastic but should it be done at the cost of our own? Is it agreeable to vote for someone who doesn’t need our expertise against our own roots? Is today’s youth so self-centred that they only think about their own development instead of greater good they can do? Why is that after 70 years of independence, we still consider it an honour to work among “the whites”?

If only we could learn to love our own people first….

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