The Great Indian Social Stigmas – I

I was traveling by the train today and I happened to observe something that makes us, humans, be far from humanity. This has nothing to do with benevolence or rapaciousness or poverty but with simply the set of rules mankind has created for itself and how if anyone tries to push past those rules they are ostracised from the society. A group of transgenders had walked into the coach of my train where I was sitting. They had made reservations but everyone with the mind filled with great beliefs of the Aryan society told them that this compartment was for the ones who made reservations and that they had to go to the general compartment. They argued and showed their tickets to the people upon which people started leaving their seats. A person who was occupying a whole seat as he was lying down, got up muttered some obscenities and went away. These people had not paid for the ticket but were still telling others to remove themselves to the general compartment. They were suddenly aware of these people not resembling to them. For them, if a “Normal Man”, according to rules set by humans, came and demanded the seat, then it would have been the perfect thing to do. But these people are considered to be below them as if their life is tainted. How is choosing a lifestyle instead of living the one that they are endowed with a crime? If people are allowed to live in any manner they chose, then why are these people discriminated against? It is their lifestyle. Who are we to decide that their life is wrong and not give them the respect they deserve? Their bravery to be open about such a thing is to be applauded not derided upon.


One of them started playing with the little girl that was sitting in the opposite seat. Smiles lit both of their faces up but the girl’s mother told her that they are not to be talked to and other women acknowledged it by scaring the girl against them. If this kind of “knowledge” is imparted to children then how is the future generation going to know about equity or equality. All around us people are demanding that equity is to be established for betterment of the society. That people should be given benefits according to their needs. So don’t transgenders have the right to talk and play with children? Are they not humans that their hearts melt away when a kid innocently smiles towards them? People talk about equity when they can’t even seem to understand its meaning. I began talking to one of them and she told me about their group, how they travel together mostly as they don’t have any other family except this. The society hasn’t yet accepted them and keeps minimal touch with them and how she had always dreamed of being a police officer but her lifestyle hadn’t allowed her to do until recently the government allowed this exception. This showed that they have similar aspirations, similar thinking similar lifestyle and they too breathe the same air then why do we discriminate? Our society accepts many superfluous things easily. They are ready to accept whatever obsolete rituals or trivial things that they have to do to achieve something relating to God, the almighty. People are open to that but when the matter comes to humanity they don’t show the slightest hesitation in ostracising someone who are just trying to live their life in this world. It’s their life and they can live it however they want to for that is their basic right. We all are just skeletons walking on earth till we die. There is no difference. It is us that make the differences. There is no specific law written showing how life should be lived. There is no such written work by God telling us to treat certain people in a different way. It is us by our redundant rules and regulations and religions, segregating humanity into the ones that we choose to believe. If there is any purpose to this life that is bestowed upon us, it is the humanity we show towards fellow beings. But if we start discriminating in humanity as well then is it worthy of being called humanity?

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