A hitchhiker’s guide to this blog

An attempt is being made to showcase a different set of emotions that we Indians sometimes are wary about. The side of Indian mentality that we see and notice but haven’t gotten around to change. This blog is just a person, not necessarily a writer, trying to put his thoughts out in the world and see if it makes a difference. The stigmas that we face daily, the frustrated Indian youth engulfed in the day to day problems of a third world country. The hesitant youth but also the strong youth whose voice needs to be heard but is drenched under the peer pressure of a society steeped in superstitions and religious warfare. I am not an expert to write on such topics but a need was felt that even if it’s an amateur opinion, it should be expressed. An endeavor undertaken in the hopes of achieving something, may achieve a little bit that can make a whole lot of difference. But this blog is not just for achieving this goal, but an experiment for every single topic that comes to the mind of a person but not getting around to write about it. So feel free to analyse, criticise and appreciate my work. This is just an explanatory post….giving a gist of the purpose of this blog.

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