The Fantasy Parade Called Love

People have a pretty well conceived idea about the word that means so much to every human being, Love. They all have deliberated about what they want and how their love should be. Everybody dreams about the perfect love they will have and how they are going to live it. The dream that the movies and books have etched in our minds. Yes, having such a conception is good and this varies from person to person. Some people don’t want much while some think of enveloping their whole life in this love. Continue reading


Lead The Change

One day, as I was sitting with my relatives, one of them told us about how they particularly took pride in their son settling and getting work in U.K. This made me think of the mind-set of the Indian society where being in their own society is considered decadent, while you can go and work under the ones whom India was in a colonial rule. To work with the “Goras” is still considered to be an achievement among the people of a society which had fought so hard to attain freedom. Continue reading

Comprehending Depression – I

Ever get that feeling where you feel all lonely and hollow? When you can’t make sense of what is going on and everything seems monotonous, bleak and morose. Even when you are surrounded by your best friends and loved ones you just feel detached from them as if they can’t make sense of what’s going through your mind. When you tell them about it they will tell you that it’s all in the state of mind, if you think happy, you are happy. But it’s not that easy, is it? You constantly think of everything wrong with you, this life and this world and constantly avert activities that affect your thoughts behaviour, feelings and sense of well-being. Continue reading

The Great Indian Social Stigmas – I

I was traveling by the train today and I happened to observe something that makes us, humans, be far from humanity. This has nothing to do with benevolence or rapaciousness or poverty but with simply the set of rules mankind has created for itself and how if anyone tries to push past those rules they are ostracised from the society. A group of transgenders had walked into the coach of my train where I was sitting. They Continue reading

A hitchhiker’s guide to this blog

An attempt is being made to showcase a different set of emotions that we Indians sometimes are wary about. The side of Indian mentality that we see and notice but haven’t gotten around to change. This blog is just a person, not necessarily a writer, trying to put his thoughts out in the world and see if it makes a difference. The stigmas that we face daily, the frustrated Indian youth engulfed in the day to day problems of a third world country. The hesitant youth but also the strong youth whose voice needs to be heard but is drenched under the peer pressure of a society steeped in superstitions and religious warfare. I am not an expert to write on such topics but a need was felt that even if it’s an amateur opinion, it should be expressed. An endeavor undertaken in the hopes of achieving something, may achieve a little bit that can make a whole lot of difference. But this blog is not just for achieving this goal, but an experiment for every single topic that comes to the mind of a person but not getting around to write about it. So feel free to analyse, criticise and appreciate my work. This is just an explanatory post….giving a gist of the purpose of this blog.